Below are some images showing parts of the design process, as well as some mock ups of how the app screens could look.

National History Museum

The following project consists of the initial thought process and mock-up of ideas for an app for the Natural History Museum. The app will serve two main purposes, the first being to showcase the exhibits that can be found at the museum, as well as provide educational information based on their content. Secondly, the app will provide an exclusive in-app area to access offers and promotions at the Museum, including the likes of offers on events bookings, food offers in the many restaurants within the museum, shops, and memberships.

On the left is a video, created in After Effects, which quickly shows a run through the app and how the user would navigate to find a particular exhibit screen/page. The main reason I created this, was to further show the interaction design, and how much animation and transition can add to the overall experience the user can get from the app, with added creativity — and whilst doing so, make using the app that little bit more fun.

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