Molina Intranet Redesign

From conception to finish.

The Implementation Process 

For six months my team and I worked tirelessly on re-engineering Molina’s corporate intranet site with something brand spanking new. I was in the brainstorming phases as well as in charge of wireframing and visualizing the interface and the experience. From then it was brainstorming the color and clarity of the design. We asked ourselves, how are people going to get to where they want to go within one or two clicks?

An intranet steering committee was also formed and employee research conducted. Surveys and one-on-one interviews with employees revealed their feedback and recommendations. In fact, we learned the Molina Intranet could benefit from focusing more on the needs of the thousands of new employees as the company continues to grow yearly. We also could not forget those with disability status that needed to view the new application so we took into consideration in making sure the system was responsive to any display monitor that user would have.

The experience of gathering requirements, resources, budget, sign-offs, time, the front-end to the back-end development, to test cases, and to the final delivery was well worth incorporating a new system where everyone can benefit from. Soon after that, our stakeholders that included HR would then request enhancements that would make the experience even better.

The upgraded site now sports a new, re-imagined homepage that incorporates additional features, including improved search functionality.

See the design from wireframming, to grid design, to mock-up, and finally to production.

This video featuring Dr. Mario Molina demonstrates how employees can use the brand new version of the Molina Intranet along with the new social media tool, MySite. This video was done in collaboration between the Corporate Intranet Collaboration team along with Corporate Marketing. Discussing the script and outcome of the storyboard with the marketing department was fun. I edited most of the video that included taking video simulation and compiling it into a commercial that was fun and informative. Finally, my team and I handed it off to marketing for final delivery in adding the finishing touches with Dr. Molina, a heartwarming soundtrack and sound effects.

Below are a few components that the Molina Intranet has including an easy way to add your daily apps and navigate through the most important employee resources the company has to offer.

Physical Architecture

Of course, this would not be possible without understanding how the back-end works. We tested how the new intranet would react to a heavy amount of traffic that included thousands of employees streaming HD video and hundreds of simultaneous posts on the internal social media application, MySite. You will see the physical structure diagramed here.

Our experience to understand that a strain on the intranet would not only affect the homepage, but it would put a stoppage on many of the resources that employees use on a daily basis. We were very conservative and performed much of our performance testing on this architecture.

Project Timeline Snapshot

Delegating resources and understanding team’s roles and responsibilities was important in making sure that tasks were done in a timely manner in order for the next team to begin next phases into the project.