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MedCircle is a private and secure network that enables members to connect and engage with healthcare providers (HCPs) using a desktop computer or mobile device. The team needed to update the design of the user interface in order to make the application much more appealing to investors and consumers of the product. I’ve used Sketch to produce the UI and UX of the product and integrate it with InVision for presentation and approvals. I’ve also designed banner ads and other forms of media to assist in marketing the product through Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. The video was filmed with a DSLR and edited with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. Check the live site.

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Social Media Banner Ads

Video: This is MedCircle

Topic Landing Page Wireframes

Another addition to the product line was brainstorming an application that pulls in a variety of information pertaining to a particular topic. For example, if a user needs to read upon patient’s stories, articles, and doctors pertaining to blood clots — they would navigagte to that topic landing page displaying that information regarding blood clots. I designed the wireframe on the iPad using the apple pencil on Adobe Comp.