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Tim Wilcox had requested that the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra website be redesigned. Tim and Jack were easy to work with. They had their content together. All they needed was a web developer to put it all together. With planning and more importantly deadlines to meet, I had to put together SCRUM meetings to make sure the project was up to the scope and that the staff, as well as its intended audience, could use the site. You can find Tim’s kind words of my work below.

Website: http://www.lbso.org

September 2013

RE ~ Michael Serna


In my former position as marketing and public relations director for the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra, I worked closely for several months on a major makeover of the orchestra’s website, lbso.org. (I continue to serve the Symphony as publicist and writer/editor.) It was a challenging and ultimately successful undertaking. The results inspired enthusiastic reviews from board and staff members as well as the general public.

Much of the credit for that happy result goes to Michael Serna, who at the time was a key staff member at Epraxa, our developer of choice. From start to finish he was extremely effective and efficient. I remember saying to Jack Fishman, the executive director (who also worked with Michael), “This guy really knows what he’s doing!” Michael also helped shoot and shape a music-education video that was posted on the site.

Overall, Jack and I were highly impressed with his web-programming expertise, video editing and conversion skills, and vendor-based management of the project. Significantly, too, we found Michael easy to work with and highly likable in all of our interactions.

I’d honestly describe Michael Serna as an “exemplary professional” with the skills and temperament to operate at the cutting edge of his chosen field.

Tim Wilcox ~ Owner

Symphony Publicist, Long Beach Symphony Orchestra

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