Boost Mobile

Graphic and Web Design

I was responsible of the homepage in creating and implementing designs that promote the marketing of various mobile phone devices such as Samsung, LG and Motorola while keeping the identity of the Boostmobile brand in tact. I was one of two people who maintained the full production of

I was involved with all cell phone launches that required not only designing for the homepage, but also inserting the phone onto various pages throughout the website. In this scenario, we have the BlackBerry devices being shown here. Communication with 3rd-party vendors was necessary to make sure transactions of credit cards were smooth and fraudulent purchases were avoided. My team and myself worked with other teams such as marketing, designers and project managers to ensure the production launches of these cell phones were smooth as they are reviewed by major tech companies such as: CNET, All-Things-D and Engadget.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Managed web design, development, e-commerce and maintenance support to and assist marketing team in strategizing and designing landing pages, interactive web banners, e-mail templates, Facebook and Twitter pages, and related digital media content.
  • Led and managed team deployments of various web files to staging and production environments in conjunction with timely television commercials and advertising promotion releases.
  • Developed in programming languages: HTML5, CSS3, XML, XSL, PHP and jQuery to create stunning presentable UI.
  • Key member in all production phone launches of various BlackBerry, Samsung, HTC and LG Android phone devices.
  • Meet and exceed goals by generating sales and gross adds (new subscribers), and increasing profits (ARPU) on daily basis.