2018 Reflection & Re-Envision: Minority of One (vol. 4)

By: Michael Serna

December 31, 2018

2018 has given me a breath of fresh air. The opportunity to absorb the many blessings of life that has come upon me. In case many of you are wondering, I haven’t posted socially much this year. The privacy has given me peace. In fact, talking to people in person face to face has been the best moments of my life this year. You know who are. Meeting people face to face or just picking up the phone has actually been the best moments of my life. Being unplugged from social media has given me peace and perspective.

I became a full fledge member of FBF (Faith Baptist Fellowship) on January of 2018. The community, even if it’s small has been a blessing to me. I get the privilege of recording life impactful messages. Speaking, leading and encouraging the youth group there has been a blessing to me. And I love how it’s not all shouldered to me as other men in the Lord can lead with me. Every year teenagers are getting harder to inspire and influence. Parents, I know you agree with this. Every now and then I help serve the underprivileged whom need food and that has been a blessing as well. Sometimes you have to put yourself in the shoes of the unwealthy and put your life into perspective.

Earlier this year I was working for a company in which I thought was a dream job. Simply put, I thought working remotely would be my best situation. I’ve learned that it was not. If you have a boss that micromanages you and that demands a lot isn’t something in which I can work efficiently of. And being that of a start up company demands your extra time sacrificing much of my personal life. For those of you that reads my yearly reflections, time to me is more important that money, diamonds, or rubies. Once time is gone, it’s gone. So use it wisely with what matters most.

In June of this year, I started working for Herbalife Nutrition. It is by far the best job I’ve ever got. Working for a company in which its mission is to make lives happier and healthier represents a piece of my life. And most important of all, I have a fantastic boss and a team that I look forward to working with everyday. Working remotely wasn’t much of a factor anymore. I actually love going to work! Not only I can lead, but I can also learn and grow. We strive to design and build are apps optimal for the best user experience that result in more sales of our products that translate to more healthy people. Please don’t ask me any hookups for discounts!

Also in the middle of the year, my cousins and I were able to launch LIDI (Live It or Dream It). A iOS mobile application where people can share their experiences. LIDI is an online platform that lowers the high costs of travel and experiencing new things by connecting people and having them share their unique offerings, whether it be their home, their car, a talent or skill, and/or their passions and interests. 2019 looks to be promising for this!

Not only I’ve been doing photography for weddings this year, but I’ve been doing videos too. I think I’ve become accustomed to shooting video this year. It’s harder than shooting photography, but I’ve gotten some good encouragement to continue doing it. If you or anyone you know needs photography or video for their wedding, please let me know!

Throughout most of this year, I occasionally travel to Toronto meeting up with the girl whom I found to be the love of my life. We share a lot of common ideas, desires, and interests. We do life together whether it’s in person or on the phone. Life with her has been filled with smiles, funny and meaningful conversations, and binge watching. I too am thrilled whenever she comes to my neck of the woods in Los Angeles. I love that we both spend time with our families, working out, church, and more binge watching. I knew that I needed to spend the rest of my life with this person. This week as of this date, I am now engaged with Julie (and her dog Tucker). I know this is a surprise to most but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is the ring that I’ve sketched and designed for her.

2019 will once again open a path of opportunity for me. Much of which I cannot say now. But if you need to know, then let’s get social. Not on (social) media. But in meeting up or picking up a phone. With facebook populating more bad (fake) news and instagram turning into a marketing tool, it loses its authenticity in becoming a community tool with friends and loved ones. But if you’d like to see what I’m up to every now and then, check out my life vlog. I hope to publish content once or twice a month.

“And now, O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in You.” – Psalm 39:7